Side Features


Housing System

Housing in Black Desert gives you the option to spend contribution on a home to either live in, or use as a manufacturing workshop for your workers. There are a massive amount of different workshops for your workers to use throughout the towns and cities in Black Desert. With instanced housing, you won’t be forced to compete with other players to get a location. Although, if you set a unit to “My House”, you will get ranked by interior scores for the entire playerbase to see.
Many types of houses can be rented for worker manufacturing. Most houses typically have at least 3 available options for building a unit into. Every unit can be purchased as a player house. You can repurpose one of your unit’s available purposes to another choice in the unit for a cost of silver, and time to build the unit.
In the close future the game might get the long promised system for Guild Houses, which will be open world and guild leaders will be able to transform into guild shops.


Mounts are very important in any MMO game and Black Desert Online is not an exception. Large size of the map makes it long to travel on foot. So every player needs a mount in order to save time and travel between cities faster. But mounts are not for traveling only. Merchants and crafters also need them. Every mount differs not only by appearance. Some are better for fast traveling, while others are better for cargo transportation. Black Desert only has 4 avaliable mounts. The first one is the Donkey, which is used only for transporting goods. The second one is the Horse, which is used for traveling, trasporting goods and you can also fight while mounted if you have the proper equipment for it. The third one is the Camel which is used for traveling and transporting goods in the desert area. And the last one is the Elephant which is used as a mount for guild wars.
Black Desert also has Rafts, Boats and Wagons which are used for trasporting big amounts of goods.

Playing a musical instrument

Black Desert offers a musical minigame upon equipping the flute item, obtained via quest. Once equipped, the minigame is commenced by clicking the left mouse button. While their character walks, the player must move their icon through the columns and avoid being hit by musical notes. Upon the music starting, rats may follow you, which in turn can be looted upon death. They can be defeated by walking through water. There are also several other musical instruments that players can use later on, such as drums.


Fishing in Black Desert is used to obtain fish for use in cooking, as well as silver.
To fish, you must first obtain a Fishing Pole. You can get one from a fishing merchant, a quest reward, or through creating one with a Tool workshop housing unit.
You can then go to any body of water to begin fishing, provided it is not too shallow.
Fish can be depleted from a region due to popularity, so it’s best to fish different areas form time to time. You can open the world map to check fishing conditions around the world.
Fishing is the single longest player-controlled production activity in the game.


You need gathering to acquire the basic materials to start any craft, and you need gathering tools specific to each form of gathering. While the world of Black Desert looks rather lush and full, most of these natural objects are in fact gatherable, as well as mobs themselves. Each time you gather you consume one energy. Your gathering skill levels up the more energy you spend gathering. With higher gathering levels, you gain access to higher quality gathering tools, as well as higher gathering yields per energy spent.

There are certain outfits which will increase your gathering speed and experienced earned to a degree. Some of these outfits require a certain gathering level to equip. You can check your gathering level by pressing P and viewing the bottom of your character pane.

The different types of gathering tools are as follows: Mining Pick, Butchering Knife, Skinning Knife, Sapping Tool, Hoe, Logging Axe, Empty Bottle and Shovel.


Pets in Black Desert will loot mobs you have killed every so often depending on level and rank, and high ranking pets can also apply minor buffs to things such as energy regeneration and combat experience. There are 3 types of pets in Black Desert: Cats, Dogs, and Hawks.
Two pets of the same species may be bred together to obtain a single higher ranked pet of that species. This kills the parents though. Higher ranked pets may obtain up to 3 special abilities, and may end up looking like a completely unique pet, aesthetically. Higher ranked pets may also obtain a different special ability such as Monster Taunt, as well as a faster rate of item pick up.


Dyes can be obtained through questing or with Pearls from the cash shop. You can dye different parts of your armor, weapon and off-hand. Different dyes can be mixed to obtain new dyes.


Cooking produces various consumables that provide buffs over an extended period of time. As you progress your cooking levels you will become more efficient and gain the ability to create better dishes. You will need to discover the recipes yourself or learn them from another players or npcs.


Gardens can be created by dropping a fence, available for rent at any town’s Material Merchant for contribution. There are multiple fence sizes, dictating the amount of crops you can grow; and fences can only be placed in certain areas.
You can use your garden by placing it just outside of a village. Try to avoid any obstructions in the area you place your farm to get maximum yields. Farm locations are phased, so don’t worry about placing on top of someone else’s farm, as you will only see the one you placed down at that spot ever again.
Factors such as humidity and heat can effect the growth and health of your crops. If the temperature is too low, your crops won’t grow fast enough. Too much humidity and pests may wind up in your crops. A system message will inform you if your crops are suffering any damage. It costs energy to harvest your crops as well.
Gardens have a limited time for use after placement. Make sure your crops are harvested before your garden gets demolished.


Hunting is one of the mini-games found in Black Desert. It allows you to kill wildlife with a rifle and eventually leads to killing the King Whale which drops valuable meat, jewelry, and more.
Currently there are only few monster you can hunt to level up your hunting, not counting the King Whale.
Pigeons and other birds – These are found in different places of the map, even in cities such as Velia.
Alligators – These are found in Kai Lake.
Small Whales – These are found out in the ocean.
Regardless of which ones you hunt it will take time to level your hunting.
The King Whale spawns randomly in the ocean. Once discovered it will be announced to the server and you may begin killing it. Typically it will take three groups of five with moderate to high hunting proficiency. The top three groups who deal damage to the King Whale will be announced when it dies and they will receive loot as well as hunting exp.


By mixing ingredients together, an alchemist can create a wide variety of potions, crystals and alchemy stones which are not avaliable at NPC shops or droped by monsters. To practice alchemy, you must first install alchemy tools into your home. You can obtain alchemy tools from a haberdasher or by creating one through a Tool Workshop production workshop.

Knowledge Mangement & Knowledge Gathering

Knowledge is a point system based on information you obtain as you travel through Black Desert. You gain different types of knowledge by hunting, exploration, questing, and conversing with NPCs.
Types of Knowledge:
*NPC – Obtained via conversations, interest and quest reward.
*Ecology – Acquired by hunting monsters.
*Study – Certain NPCs will let you spend energy to gain new knowledge.

Equipment & Durability

All of the armor in Black Desert can be used by all classes, although weapons and secondary weapons are class specific. Your equipment is a crucial factor in your progression through the game, effect your combat viability, endurance, and killing speed. Weapons, Helmets, Chest Pieces, Gloves, Boots as well as accessories have durability. Durability decreases as items are used, weapons as they deal attacks, armor as they absorb damage. As this durability decreases the outward appearance of the items will degrade to reflect the diminished durability. To prevent your equipment from breaking you can visit a blacksmith NPC found in most towns, or you can even repair it in your house with a personal anvil.


In Black Desert, you can use the processing skill to take raw materials and further refine them. Some materials can be refined in different ways for different results. These refined materials can be further used to craft items through workshop production. The types of proccessing avaliable in game right now are: Shaking, grinding, woodchopping, drying, thinning and heating.

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