Black Desert Soundtrack Remastered
Posted by admin | Sep 20th, 2017

Source: Newsletter

Black Desert Online’s Soundtrack to be Remastered by European Orchestras

Orchestrated music remaster, conducted and performed by famed orchestras from Germany, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

Today PearlAbyss announced that it is revamping their score for Black Desert Online to replace the original MIDI soundtrack with orchestrated music. The new score has been re-arranged by Hui Man Ryu, Black Desert Online’s original composer who is regarded as one of the most popular music directors within the Korean video game industry. He is also very well known for his work on rhythm game classics such as EZ2DJ and DJMAX and is better known to gaming fans as CROOVE.

Currently, 40 out of 240 themes are being remastered to create more lavish and warmer sounds compared to that of the original MIDI score. The re-arranged leitmotifs will help players to connect more deeply with Black Desert Online’s vast world, interesting characters and story arcs. Whole new compositions were created to better fit the story and emphasize the emotional experience in certain cutscenes. While some of the older compositions might be replaced with new music and re-arrangements, PearlAbyss is working on a system will enable players to listen to the original score in-game for those who prefer the pre-remastered versions.

“We are doing our best to provide the highest possible music quality to our players and to complement the beautiful world PearlAbyss has created,” Ryu said, “From the small town inn to the never-ending ocean, we hope to bring the world of Black Desert straight to your ears. I hope our adventurers enjoy this musical journey as much as I do.”

The remastered score will be conducted, performed and recorded by the National Orchestra of Halle in Germany with the help from orchestra’s from Prague and Budapest and will be directed by Mr. Hui Man Ryu himself. Mr. Hui Man Ryu has been with the PearlAbyss team since the start of the Black Desert Online project where he is in charge of its music and game audio.

For a small sneak peek behind the scenes of the audio remaster please check the latest video on Black Desert Online’s YouTube channel. A preview of the remastered soundtracks, Calpheon – Calpheon, the Capital City and Balenos – Versus the Final Boss, can be found here. Along with the remastered music, players can look forward to a complete graphics overhaul as announced by the studio during this year’s Game Developers Conference .

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