The Valkyrie Awakens and Picture the Seasons Contest Begins in Black Desert Online
Posted by admin | Nov 10th, 2016



It’s the Valkyrie’s time to shine today as her Awakening becomes available in Black Desert Online. The Valkyrie normally deals with her enemies using her sword and formidable defenses, but she can now swap to a fearsome one-handed lance which grants her extra reach to engage foes before they come too close.



A defensive force to be reckoned with, the Valkyrie excels at withstanding high-power attacks while supporting her allies with special buffs. In addition to boosting her already rock-like defenses, the class Awakening adds new offensive skills to the Valkyrie’s arsenal, allowing her to deal a greater amount of damage to multiple targets while quickly moving about the battlefield with her long-reaching lance.


Picture the Seasons Contest
The Black Desert Online team is putting together an official calendar to kick off 2017 in style and invites players to submit creative screenshots of their characters in each of the newly added seasons that will be cycling weekly during the month of November. The top submissions will be featured in the calendar, with winning players receiving a copy in addition to in-game rewards. For the more details on the event, please visit the official forum.

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