Time for the Berserker Awakening
Posted by admin | Sep 30th, 2016



It’s the Berserker’s turn to awaken in Black Desert Online, with today’s new update giving this class access to the all-new Iron Buster weapon. Well known for ground-shaking power, the Berserkers’ Iron Blaster will leave foes shaking in their boots―or flat on their backs.


The Iron Buster will complement the Berserker’s already crushing power, and can be used for engaging enemies at a distance or launching immediately into the fray. With the advantage of range and increased mobility, the Berserker will be able to charge into the mix faster than ever, and with even more explosive results.




With a total of three Awakened classes now roaming the world of Black Desert, we expect to see all manner of amazing battles. Keep tuned for the next class Awakening scheduled for October 12.


Watch the Berserker Awakening Overview video:

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