Daum to bring Black Desert next year to the western market
Posted by admin | Dec 5th, 2014


Yes, it’s true.

Black Desert is coming much earlier than expected to the European and North American markets. Daum Games CEO Sean Hong announced on a press conference that their goal is to bring Black Desert to the western market in 2015! Brian Oh from Pearl Abyss also confirmed this to us today.

The reason why Daum is bringing the game to Europe and North America prematurely is probably because of the increased hype and positive feedback from the western community. Daum is actually a Korean publisher, but they decided to expand to the west because they couldn’t find a suitable publisher in EU/NA for Black Desert. Since Daum is publishing the game in Korea as well, we can assume that Black Desert is going to be a Free-to-Play title, just as it is in Korea. Let’s hope that Daum can meet the appointed day.

Apparently, the information we got from PA is wrong. Daum just told us that 2016 is still the scheduled year for the release.

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