The Sorceress Class Summary
Posted by admin | Aug 2nd, 2014

Some people would describe it as the trademark class of Black Desert Online, what we talk about? The Sorceress Class!

The most noticeable characteristic of the Sorceress is her use of Black Magic. She draws this power by utilizing, as explained in the games’ lore, the dark crystals which are found at the so called “Black Desert”, which also is the actual title of the game itself. The sorceress utilizes a plethora of skills which range from destructive AoE spells to single target blows and a fair amount of melee combat capabilities.

Sorcerer 2Lets take a closer look at what the play-style of the Sorceress is like. As is the case with so far every class in Black Desert (Ranger, Giant, Fighter & Sorceress), they’re all able to progress through the game both Solo and as a member of a Party. Obviously the Sorceress with her long range AoE spells has an advantage, but this is being reduced due to her wearing light armor and apart from her teleport spell, she’s not able to deflect any kind of damage. An intriguing part of the Sorceress is, that she’s capable to engage, even though somewhat limited, in melee combat, since he features various combos which are based on her different kicks.

Furthermore, Players are going to be able to adapt the Sorceress to the way they’d like to play her. Specifically, the skill system present in Black Desert Online enables players to invest their skill points in many ways. Do you want to be more agile? Then you can invest your skill points in combining the teleport spell together with the cancelling of channeling spells or increase your teleporting range. Do you want to be a true glass canon? No problem, invest skill points in increasing burst damage. There’s a lot of room for experimentation and customization for everyone to suit this class to their liking!

So it becomes clear, that the Sorceress is a very promising class, which guarantees fun and excitement. If you don’t put all of your trust in words, then make sure to watch the following Sorceress Gameplay video!

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