Mounted Combat in Black Desert Online
Posted by admin | Apr 30th, 2014

Elf mounted horse2

Black Desert Online is giving new meaning to Mounts!

It was known from early trailers, that Black Desert Online would feature mounts and mounted combat. From our own experience during the CBT2 so far, we can tell, that mounts are of strategic value to Player, mainly in terms of providing fast mobility. Yet, Pearl Abyss recently released a new video, showcasing the additional strategic dimension of mounts in the game. Below you’ll be able to witness, how mounted combat translates for the classes of the Giant, the Ranger, the Sorceress and the Fighter.

It is noticeable, that the mounted combat system allows Players to make use of both “weak” & “strong” skills and even using their horse to charge and cause damage to an enemy. These features above in combination with the rather realistic control of the horse (no instant-turning etc.) will certainly allow Players to hone their skills in the art of mounted warfare and set themselves apart.

On another note, imagine hordes of mounted Players at the battlefield storming at each other, we can’t wait to witness that!

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