Reputation System
Posted by admin | Apr 24th, 2014


Reputation System

Players’ reputations can be seen by other players, and are indicated by the colors of their names.

 Green : Character has a neutral reputation.

Blue : Character has been hunting monsters.

Red: Player has killed another player or has been caught pick pocketing an NPC.

If a player has a low enough reputation, they may alert guards and initiate an attack.


1) To view the player profile, the hotkey ‘I’ is used.

2) This menu can be used to check a player’s reputation and name.


To pickpocket is to steal items from an NPC.

To steal from an NPC, energy is required.

Not all NPCs have this interaction.


1) To steal from an NPC, the player must be behind it.

2) Activate it by clicking the ‘pickpocket’ icon.

3) If a player succeeds in pickpocketing an NPC, a variety of items can be obtained.

4) If the player is caught stealing, they will be attacked by a guard and the NPC’s relationship with the player will decrease.

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