Enhancing and Socketing
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Enhancing and Socketing

Item Enhancing

There are certain conditions needed to enhance an item.

When you complete the quest [Awakening] Trace of Edana, you can use “Potential Enhancing” and “Potential Transfer” through the Black Spirit.

Potential Value

If a player succeeds in upgrading an item, the efficiency of the item will increase. However, if a player fails, the black stone and materials will disappear and the maximum durability of the item will be reduced.

When character dies, the equipped items’ potential value may decrease.

There are two types of black stones used for upgrading an items potential value: Black stone (weapon) and black stone (armor). The appropriate stone must be used in accordance with the upgraded item.


※ Even if you cancel during the Potential Enhancing, the Blackstone used won’t disappear.

1) Summon the Black Spirit by using the hotkey ‘/’ and select the ‘Potential Enhance’ button.

2) Select the item you wish to upgrade and the appropriate black stone.

3) Click enhance to begin. If you wish to cancel the initiation, select the ‘cancel’ button. If this happens, the black stone is saved.


Forced Enhancing

When the potential value reaches to certain level, Forced Enhancing is activated.

Forced Enhancing is the function that has a 100% success rate to enhance, but uses more black stones and will decrease the item’s maximum durability.


To socket a gem into an item to grant various effects, a magic crystal is required.

Certain type of crystals can only be equipped in certain region of an item, and if you remove the crystal that is already equipped, it will be destroyed.

When character dies, the socketed crystal may disappear.

Helmet Armor Boots Gloves Weapon All Items
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Charming Crysta Affluent Crystal Natural Crystal Solar Crystalc Flame Crystal Perfect Crystal

1) Use hot key / to summon black spirit and then select the Socketing button.

2) Select the piece of equipment that you wish to socket the crystal into.

3) Select the crystal and click ‘begin’.


Repairing Durability

In the case that an item’s maximum durability is deducted by failure in enchanting, it can be repaired by a Blacksmith NPC.

To repair the maximum durability, you need an item that is identical to the item you want to repair.

Drop the two items into the window.

Click ‘repair maximum durability’ to begin the repair process.

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