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Types of Quests

There are three types of quests in Black Desert.

-Black Spirit

Upon leveling up, the Black Spirit will appear to give the player a quest.


An NPC may give a player a quest.


A guild master can give a player a quest, and it can be received from the guild menu.

Quest icons


List of Quests

In the Quest menu, you can check number and progress of quests. This can be opened by using the shortcut ‘O’.


Quest in process


Completed Quest

Darkspirit Quests

The Black Spirit will appear once a character reaches a certain level, and the quest will appear on the right side of the screen.


Talk to the Black Spirit


Accept the Quest


Darkspirit Quests are marked

Quests from NPCs

Most quests will be obtained from NPCs. When the player’s level or relationship with the NPC increases, the player can access quests that require skills such as hunting, cooking, crafting, gathering, or minigames. Upon completing quests, NPCs may grant skill points, potions, items, knowledge, or contribution points.


Guild Quests

Guild masters may select quests from the guild mission menu to give to guild members. This costs money and time, but upon completion it grants the guild rewards such as guild points, experience points, or useful buffs.



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