PvP and Guild
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What is PvP?

PvP is an abbreviation of Player VS Player which means battle with other players.
PvP Starts at Level 50 (Korean Version of the game).
With one activation, all the characters in the account are activated for PvP.
The name of player with activated PvP has color depending on general tendency and PvP is available.

Even in the region with hostile guild/ siege warfare, PvP is available.
Before PvP is activated, the color of character’s name does not change and will not be attacked.

PvP Notice

-PvP is not available in safe region (village and city).
-In the region where Conquest is going on, PvP is forcibly activated.
-Guild vs. Guild will be present in the game
-When two Guilds are in state of war, PvP is forcibly activated.
-You can drop items upon death
-PvP will be open-world
-Mounted Combat is present
-Siege/Castle Wars are present

Fortress Siege

How to proceed PvP

1) You and other player should click PvP icon to activate.

2) When character who obtained PvP icon activates the icon, it can attack the other characters who obtained PvP icon.


PvP On – PvP Off


Guild System

Any players above level 40 can create a Guild. There are 20 guild members at first and the number of guild members can be increased until 80 by using guild skill point.

Through Guild window, Guild information, Declaring war, Status of war, Status of guild members, Guild quest, Guild skill, Status of Conquest can be checked.

Guild can be made for personal preference such as Trading or Battle, and you can register unique Guild mark.

How to Create Guild

It is possible when the charater’s level is 40 or above, and conversation with Lord Crucio Domongart in Secrendia Hidel city.
Initial number of guild members is limited to 20 and all the characters in same account belongs to the same guild.


Declaring War

You can declare war to other guilds with maximum of 5 guilds. When a war is declared unlimited PvP is activated.

Guild Quest

Guild skill points can be obtained through Guild quest.

Guild Quest is divided into occupying/not occupying type, and prepayment is required to proceed the quest.

Guild Quest can be cleared when majority of guild members participate.



Guild Skill

Using guild skill point, guild skill can be activated.

When acquiring the guild skill, there are passive skill that applies to the all the members and active skill that only guild captain (master) can use.


What is Conquest?

Conquest is proceeded in certain period. The guild that conquer regions by Conquest can collect taxes from the regions.

To participate the Conquest, each guild can build fortresses or command centers, and if only one fortress or command center lefts or 3 days passes after starting, the Conquest is finished.

Fortress war is available when more than 2 fortresses are constructed in the region.
– Available region for Fortress war : Valenos, Northern/Southern Serendia, South east/ South west Kalpeon.


Conquest Status

Active log of each guild member’s conquest status can be checked.

Record of Character Name, Destruction of command center, Destruction of Fortress, Destruction of gate, Number of Assist, Number of summoned monster killed, Number of Generals killed, Number of commanders killed, Number of guild members killed, Number of death can be checked.


Conquest Notice

1) Before Conquest, prepare it by constructing fortresses or command centers.
※ Before Conquest, if there are only on fortress or command center, the guild can conquer the region.
※ Even during the Conquest, you can immediately participate the Conquest by building fortress or command center.
2) Alongside the Conquest, all the players are forcibly summoned to the nearest town.
3) Players participating Conquest will be summoned to their own fortress or command center.
4) Conquest area becomes unlimited PvP area.


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