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What are Mounts?

Players can acquire mounts such as donkeys, horses, and wagons, allowing them to move faster than on foot.

Type of Trasportation


How to Register Mounts

1) Talk with the Stabler NPC, click the Register Button and clock on the Mount Icon from your Inventroy.

2) Click the [Stable] button and then choose “Horse Emblem” for horse, and “Wagon license” for wagon.

3) After entering the name, click [OK] button to register the mount.


Horse Level

Your horse will gain EXP by simply being in use. As your horse gains levels, its HP and Stamina will increase, and upon level up these will be fully recovered.


Capturing a Wild Horse

In order to capture a wild horse to use as a mount, players must buy a <Lasso> from the Stabler NPC.

How to capture the wild horse

1) After using the lasso, aim for the wild horse you want to capture and click the [left mouse button].

2) After throwing the rope to the wild horse, press [space bar] in the appropriate timing to wrap the it around the horse.

3) Get as close as possible to the horse, and press [space bar] when the horse raises its legs.

4) Repeatedly press[space bar] to outstrength the horse.

5) After training the horse, press [R] to ride the horse.

6) Go to the <Stabler> NPC with your new horse to have it registered.


Mount Icon Explaination


1) Riding and Control : Function that enables the riding and control of your mount.

2) Parking : Function that can recover stamina of your mount.

3) Open Inventory: Function that allows the player to deposit and withdraw items from their mount’s inventory.

4) Mount Information: Allows the player to check the details of their mount, such as name, level, basic ability, skill list, equipment information, etc.

5) Use Item: Players use this to feed their mounts items such as carrots to restore stamina.

Horse Skill

Other than making the player faster, your mounts also possess skills. The type and number of skills depends on the type of horse, and some may not have any skills at all.

Upon activating the skill, the horse may activate it automatically or activate a minigame. If the player succeeds with the minigame, the skill is used; if the player fails, both player and horse falls to the ground. The more a player uses the skill, the larger the chance of success for the skill becomes.


Recovering Your Mount’s Stamina

When a horse carries a player, its stamina slowly decreases, making the horse slow down. To recover your horse’s stamina, use the Park action and give your mount some food, such as carrots.


What is a Stable?

To open the Stable, find the <Stabler> NPC in town. The uses for the Stable are:

1) Ranch: From the ranch, you may register your mount on the marketboard to sell, or put up your mount to breed. Only male mounts may be bred.

2) Mount Details: The player can access information such as the name, gender, and chance of crossbreeding of their mounts, as well as basic information such as level, HP, and stamina.

3) Skills: The player can look at the list of skills their mounts have.

4) Skill Progress: You can check the list of skills it’s possible for your mount to get.

5) Mount Auction: Check other players’ mounts up for sale, or put up your own to sell.

6) Crossbreed Auction: Check other players’ mounts up for breeding, or put your own up to be bred.

When a player summons their horse, the [Active Mount] window appears. On this window, players may choose to return their horse to the stable, or dismount. Only one mount at a time may be summoned.


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