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What is Knowledge?

It is the personal information you can get from Black Desert World. e.g. hunting, exploration, request, and conversation with NPC.

There are diverse fields of Knowledge such as person, ecology, study, geography. There also are requests you can get when you obtain certain knowledge.

If you obtain the complete knowledge from on field of Knowledge, you can increase the maximum gossip energy. (Foreigner of Belaria, Mercant of Belaria etc)

Knowledge can be checked from Knowledge menu by using hot key [H].


Knowledge Menu


Knowledge – Gossip energy increases

Knowledge about NPC

Knowledge about NPC can be obtained via conversation, friendliness, reward of request.


Knowledge – NPC

Knowledge of Ecology

To earn the knowledge of Ecology, you need to hunt monsters and get trophy. The knowledge of monsters is dropped randomly.


Obtaining the knowledge of monster


Check it obtaining


Knowledge – Ecology

Knowledge of Study

Knowledge of Study can be obtained through the conversation with NPC.
“Gossip energy” is required to obtain the knowledge.


Talking with NPC, Obtaining the knowledge of study


Knowledge – Study

What is Friendliness?

It means the friendliness with NPC and it can be increased by greeting NPC or story exchange.
When the Friendliness become high, you can do the quest, using hidden store, knowledge, node connection.
To do the Story Exchange for increasing friendliness with NPC, “Gossip energy” is required.

How to obtain Friendliness point

You can increase the friendliness with NPC this by using Gossip energy.

1) Greeting with NPC
When you greet with NPC, the friendliness increases
To do the greeting, click [Greeting] button which appears when you move close to NPC.
To Greet, 3 Gossip energy is required and when it is done, 3 Friendliness points are increased.

Selecting [Greeting]


Increasing Friendliness through Greeting

Story Exchange

To Exchange story with NPC, 10 Gossip energy is required.
You can increase Friendliness a lot at once through Story Exchange.
How to exchange story
1) Talk with the NPC that you want to Exchange story and then click [Story Exchange] button.
2) Select possessing knowledge to proceed Story Exchange.
3) When Story Exchange is completed, you can obtain Friendliness points or continue to talk with NPC.


Story Exchange – Start


Story Exchange – Selecting Knowledge


Story Exchange – Completed

Gossip Energy

Gossip Energy is a special system in Black Desert that is often used for Story Exchange/Obtain Knowledge/ Greeting/ Stealing etc..

After creating a character, you will get 1o Gossip energy to start with.
To increase the capacity of Gossip energy, you should satisfy the condition in “Knowledge” menu.
※ 1 Gossip energy is recovered every 3 minutes.


Initial capacity of Gossip energy


Recover Gossip energy


Completing the Knowledge condition


Increased capacity of Gossip energy


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