Nodes and Trades
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Nodes and Trades


What are Nodes?

A node is a location that allows the player to trade items or gather resources for crafting.

Types of Nodes

Nodes are sorted into two: “Adventure Nodes” and “Production Nodes”.

Adventure Node: A node that allows the player to trade resources and crafted items.

Production Nodes: A node that allows the player to gather and produce resources.

City Trade Gate Danger Crossroad Mine Farm
 1 2  3  4  5  6  7

How to find Bases

1) When entering certain region, a Node is appears automatically on the map.
2) Some Nodes can be unlocked only by increasing your relationship with a certain NPC.

How to connect Nodes

1) Starting Village is the first Node acquired by the player.
2) To get new nodes, you must activate a connecting node you already have.
3) For node investment, you first need to talk with the Adventure Node Manager NPC and click the Manage Adventure Node button.
※ The location of node discovered is not related to the location of Node Manager NPC.
4) When investing in nodes, some Contributive Points are consumed, and consumed Contributive points can always be recovered.
5) The invested node is changed to the color yellow, and from this point, the player may access the node.


Managing Adventure Node

After Node investment


Before Node investment


Activated Nodes


What are contribution points?

Contribution points are used to activate and use nodes in Black Desert.

Contents list using contribution points

1) Nodes: The player activates nodes by spending points.
2) Renting items: NPCs offer items to rent with contribution points.
3) Housing: you can rent your own house.


Quest Reward – Contributiveness EXP



Contribution points EXP bar


What is Trading?

Trading is the process of buying a village’s goods and selling them to another village. It is not possible to trade with villages that do not have activated nodes.

Methods of Trading:

1) Walking : Player delivers trade goods in person.

2) Mount: The player uses a mount to deliver goods.

3) Private Wagon: The player drives their own personal wagon to deliver trade goods.

4) Delivery: Player hires a wagon to deliver goods from village to village, requiring minimal action to the player.


Walking delivery


Private Wagon


Horse Mount


Regular running Wagon between villages – can check the status in world map

How to do the Trading

1) A Trade Manger NPC is available to a player in each town.

2) Clicking the button on the right side of the dialogue window will show a list of buyable goods.

4) The player can use any of the above trading methods to deliver the goods to the next NPC to complete the transaction.

5) The player may not carry over a certain mass limit. The limit depends on the method of delivery.


Proceed Trading


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